24 November 2010


The Bioglan ECA stack was surprisingly easy to find. However, it neglected to state the fact that it is not, in fact, ECA stack, but a combination of herbal alternatives to ephedrine and caffeine (white willow bark and guarana), and aspirin (which, for some reason, people have no problem with, despite it's prevalence of causing headaches).

If you're looking for the real ECA stack, don't buy this product. I ate very little on this supplement, and lost 2.5kg in the 16 days I took it for.

When I starve without the aid of Bioglan ECA stack, I normally get massive headaches and migraines. While I'm getting nauseous sometimes, a little Diet Coke or water is enough to curb the nausea, and the hunger too, and I haven't had one headache since I started this supplement.

I reported more energy, I'm sleeping less than usual on this supplement, and yet I'm not consuming nearly as much food, and I can exercise even after a long day.

I give Bioglan ECA stack a 6/10, because it curbs all the side effects of starving, gives more energy, but it's not very clear on what exactly is in the product, and it also pretends to be another product all together.

FINAL DAY - FAUX ECA DAY 16 Tuesday 23 November

Starting weight: 93.3


0900: 4 chocolate buttons, 1 ECA, my pills, 3 Coloxyl
1200: 1 Subway wrap (chicken, cheese, salad) [purged]
1500: 1 Subway salad (chicken, salad, avocado, Southwest dressing) 2200: 1 frozen Tukka Tub meal, 2 cookies [purged]
2300: 2 cookies

Results: Yeah, today was terrible. The last day and it sucked. Christ, I couldn't have eaten more, could I???

I started spotting (blood) when I had my period like 2 weeks ago. I wonder if I'm becoming undernourished?

22 November 2010

Faux ECA Day 15

Starting weight: 90.9

1130: 1/2 serve jellylite
1730: 3 bites white pasta, chicken sauce, chicken
2300: 1 sandwich with brown bread, chicken stuffing, chicken, 2 egg whites [purged]

Results: I'm not sure why I even ate 2300's intake. I wasn't hungry.

Today was great. Onwards to 65 by Christmas!
Onwards to <90 tomorrow!

Also, tomorrow is last day. Purchasing CLENBUTEROL tomorrow, but I won't be taking it for a month. First day will be 21 December :)

Faux ECA Days 12-14

Sorry for not writing, I had a busy weekend.

Um, I've had a strange experience... My disorder has altered itself once again. I don't know if it's me or these drugs, but I'm very conscious of calories. Once, 1000 calories a day was a lot, now 200 is a lot. Anyway, keep that in mind when I recount this weekend.

DAY 13:
Starting weight: 91.3
Intake: 2 ECA morning, 2 night. Normall pills. 1/2 Milo bar, about a handful chips total, 4 slices of pizza total.

Results: I'm sorry about the lack of structure. All snacks were between 3pm and 8pm, Pizza was between 8 and 9pm.

Ghost hunting gives me the munchies. Those energies make me starving. I'm not kidding, we spent 13 hours in the Geelong Gaol collating evidence, walking between cells and certain areas, and I had to force myself to stop at 6 pieces. I was starving the rest of the night. Crazy.

Day 13:
Starting weight: 92.8

3pm: 2 ECA, 2 classic Sudofed, normal pills
9pm: 1/2 box jellylite
11pm: 1 sandwich with grain bread, chicken, lettuce, mayonnaise

Results: I'd say I did really well. The Sudofed makes me really high, but it also makes me less hungry.


Classic Sudofed contains ephedrine. This may account for my dramatic weight loss overnight, seeing as my faux ECA has caffeine and herbal aspirin in it.

You'll have to wait!


I'm missing a day, but I'm not sure how. I don't remember having pizza before I went out for dinner, so I'm assuming that's Thursday, then the next day is pizza again, the ghost hunt, the next day is Sunday, and here is today (Monday).

Sorry. I'm so spaced right now. But I'd remember if I ate more than jelly, so don't worry, guys.

19 November 2010

Faux ECA Day 11 (Thursday)

Starting weight: 91.8

0830: 1 ECA pill, 1 Microlut, 1 Ostelin+Caltrate, 3 Coloxyl
1130: JellyLite
1830: half large pizza [purged]

Today was actually pretty good. I went to bed hungry and  fell asleep. I've got the flu, though. So when I have no food in my stomach, I feel nauseous.

I'm not really sure why I didn't comment results yesterday.

18 November 2010

Faux ECA Day 10: Wednesday

Starting weight: 93.4kg

1230: jellylite
1930: 1/2 jumbo sausage roll (homemade) [purged]
2200: 2 serves carbonara (instant) [purged]
2330: 1 toasted sandwich, egg [purged]

17 November 2010

Faux ECA Day 9 (Tuesday)

Starting weight: unknown

0900: 1 ECA, 1 microlut, 1 Ostelin+Caltrate
1100: 1 footlong Subway sub (teriyaki chicken, cheese, salad, ranch dressing, avocado), 1 ECA
1500: 1 Subway wrap, same as before,
1800: 3x3 jelly slice
1900: 3x3 jelly slice
2200: 1 roll (egg, lettuce, red onion, mayo), 1 ECA

Wow, today was so bad. Was I sabotaging my happiness (I passed my last exam today)? I don't know. But god, please don't let it happen again. I went to bed with a migraine.

Tomorrow, I'm eating only JellyLite and Diet Coke, and if I eat any more, I'm confessing my dress size :)

15 November 2010

Faux ECA Day 8 (Monday)

Starting Weight: unknown


0700: 1/4 corn rice cracker
0830: 1 ECA, 1 Ostelin+Caltrate, 1 Microlut, 2 Coloxyl. 1/4 corn rice cracekr
1230: 1 ham, cheese, lettuce sandwich, 1/2 bag frogs, 1 mueseli bar [*purged]
1530: 1 Freddo Frog
1830: 1 ECA, 1 Ostelin+Caltrate, 1 Microlut, 2 Coloxyl. 1 Caesar salad with 2 eggs
2200: 4 corn rice crackers with cottage cheese

I spent the day in the hospital. I'm honestly surprised I didn't binge the whole day, and I left it at 1230 and 1530's food (the Freddo was because my 4 year old brother wouldn't stop nagging until I had one, but admittedly I loved it).

I did exercise, too. I'm a bit ashamed, but I made it a rule that whenever I went to the toilet (these giant disabled toilets), I had to do 30 sit ups and 10 push ups. I did 9 sit ups and 30 push ups :)

I consumed only 2L of water today, but also 2L of Diet Coke.

Weigh in tomorrow. Sorry for being unable to do it, I've had some bad luck (being at mum's house without a scale is a good excuse, right?)

 - Alice

Faux ECA Day 7 (Sunday)

Starting weight: 92.7


0800: 1 4in piece French bread with egg, spinach, red onion, cheese
0930: 1 mouthful leftover cheesecake, 1 ECA, 1 Microlut,1 Ostelin+Caltrate, 3 Coloxyl
1215: 1 Subway wrap with chicken teriyaki, lettuce, carrot, red onion, 1 ECA
1300: 10 raspberry bullets
1500: 1 orange/lemon/apple/carrot juice, 1 frozen yoghurt, 1 ECA
1800: 1 ECA, 1 Microlut, 1 Ostelin+Caltrate, 1 Vit B12. 1 handful hot chips
2000: 20 raspberry bullets.
2200: 5 water crackers, yoghurt

Results: I did pretty well, but I technically binged (and purged) at 2000 and 2200. I don't know why.

I kept moderation with the candy really easily, and I didn't eat too much.

14 November 2010

Intro Post :)

I realise I never introduced the purpose of this blog, who I am, or anything. So here it is!

This is a diet pill review blog. Every 28 days, I will review another diet pill. This started because of a 'race' I started with my friend AMM. We realised we were getting our diet pills around the same time, so I proposed a race: take the pills as directed. No overexercising, no starving (overexercising means way more than usual; starving means way less than usual).

So we did. She's 25kg lighter than me so I have the advantage, but I have high hopes for her... And me :)

Now, who am I? I am Alice. 19, engaged to a lovely tattoo apprentice. Just finished Yr 11 at an adult college. Going to uni to become an archaeologist.

I've got an eating disorder. I do not suffer, I've had it under control for more than six months. This simply means that I have kept the mindset, but changed my body and lifestyle. I want to be tiny, bony, but healthy and eating. I don't want to die, I just want to be beautiful.

My body mass index is 33. This happened because of my contraceptive pill. I'd be so hungry I'd feel sick every single hour, so I ballooned from 57kg to 96kg over a two year period.

When I realised I was 4kg away from triple digits, I had a panic attack. I stopped taking my pill, purged every meal until J, the fiancee, found out and helped me. He convinced me that I could lose weight the healthy way.

I detoxed 4kg away. Now I diet. I try to have between 500 and 1200 calories a day, but it wasn't working. So I'm trying out which diet pills will help my metabolism.

Any questions?

Faux ECA Day 6 (Saturday)

Starting weight: unknown

0630: 1 ECA
0700: 6 inch Subway sub (Italian herbs and cheese roll, teriyaki chicken, ranch dressing, lettuce, carrot, red onion, tasty cheese)
1830: 1 ECA
1900: 1 chicken drumstick, 1 cup cooked rice, 3 pieces roast garlic, 1 slice bread (*PURGED)
2000-2100: cheese + crackers (about four small crackers)
2200: 1 small piece cheesecake

Considering I'm used to binging whenever I'm in the vicinity of my parents, I did pretty well. Anybody seeing a connection here? These herbs seem to be making me more capable of saying, 'No.'

I put up a show with the cheesecake. That wasn't a binge. That was a ploy so when I'm 45kg and they say, 'This is where it started,' I can remind them that I eat cheesecake!

13 November 2010

Faux ECA Day 4 (Friday)

Starting weight: 94.4


0900: 1 ECA, 1 Microlut, 1 vit B pill, 1 Ostelin Caltrate
1030: 2 boiled eggs
1200: 1 Medium Caesar wrap meal (McDonald's) [purged]
1400: 1 apple, 1 ECA
1500-1700: lollies, 2 mini cheesecakes[purged 3 times]
1900: 2 Neurofen+, 2 panadol, 1 ECA
2200: 1 kebab

I'd call today okay, despite purging twice and having McDonald's. I have NO excuse for it, or the lollies, except that I'm still working on not-binging-during-roleplaying. DnD makes me eat sooo much.

The ECA gave me a migraine from all the food, so I've reeaaally learned my lesson. Christ, feeling that nauseous made me learn my lesson...

Faux ECA Day 3

Starting weight: 93.9 (*period)


0800: 1 ECA, 1 Microlut, 3 Coloxyl (laxatives, 1 dose), 1 Ostelin Caltrate
1100: Aeroplane Jellylite (1/2 package), 1 ECA pill
1500: 1 tin John West tuna, 1 ECA pill
1900: 1 large chicken Caesar wrap meal (McDonald's) [purged]
2000: 1 small handful potato chips, 1 handful lollies [purged]
2100: 1 ECA pill

Like, I didn't mean to purge. As far as I wanted, I wanted nothing past the tuna. My dad literally bought me the McDonald's before I even noticed him. I have no excuse for the chips and lollies, except that I'm on my period, I was starving and I was offered.

In my defense, I normally eat twice the total and I don't purge. The ECA made me nauseous when I ate too much (ie a large McDonald's meal) and I learned my lesson.

12 November 2010

Faux ECA Day 3

Starting weight: 93.4kg


1230: 1 serve Jellylite
1500: 1 serve John West tinned tuna
1900: 1 large Caesar wrap meal (McDonald's with Diet Coke)
2000: 1 small handful chips, 1 larger handful lollies

(1.5L Diet Coke, 5L water)

Well, I felt guilty saying no to McDonald's my dad had already bought. I'm guessing it's around 1000 calories, or even more...

Um, I did great on the resisting part (until I felt guilty). After I ate the McDonald's, my period cravings kicked in, hence the huge amounts of junk food. Spoiler: it doesn't matter, I lost one kilo overnight. Probably flushed it all out with my 5L of water. Weeeeeeeee!

11 November 2010

Faux ECA Day 2

Morning weight: 92.7kg

  • 1030: 1 BIOGLAN ECA pill, 1 microlut pill, 1 Ostelin+Caltrate pill
  • 1100: 1 wholemeal sandwich with 2 eggs, cheese, spinach and mayonnaise
  • 1300: 1 BIOGLAN ECA pill
  • 1530: instant noodles with cheese, egg and vegemite
  • 1630: 4 Home Brand cookies
  • 1830: 1 BIOGLAN ECA pill, 1 Ostelin+Caltrate pill
  • 1930: 1 mini homemade vege pizza (6 inches wide), egg
I don't really like my total caloric intake, but I like the amount that I ate. I feel as though I didn't overeat once. The cookies were a lapse, and at almost 100 calories each, I paid dearly for it.

This evening I cycled and did push ups, and only managed 100 calories (I did one song and 90 push ups). But my energy levels have definitely been higher today. It's almost 2am and I don't feel that tired...

I was only hungry just before my meals and I didn't feel any sort of discomfort (due to fullness) after any of my meals, except my last one, which I ate enough to feel that I'd eaten (like there was actual food in my stomach).

I should report that I felt really nauseous this afternoon for a few hours. My upper abs felt almost bruised, and then my stomach started to hurt. I can't find my Nexium (acid reflux pills) so it could just be acid reflux, but I guess we'll see when I find my Nexium/buy some more....

Anyway, fingers crossed today's weight loss wasn't water weight which I put on today! Cross your fingers that I'm <91kg tomorrow...

 - Alice

10 November 2010

Faux ECA Day 1

Supplement: BIOGLAN ECA Stack weight loss formula
  • Garcinia guaesita (brindleberry) extract equivalent dry fruit 1.2g
  • Paullinia cupana (guarana) extract equivalent dry seed 572mg
  • Citrus aurantium (bitter orange) extract exquivalent dry fruit 5g
  • Camellia sinensis (green tea) extract equivalent dry leaf (600mg)
  • Salix alba (white willow) extract equivalent dry stem bark (6.2g)
  • Maethylcellulose (fibre) (100mg)
  • Chromium (as pucolinate)
White willow is an alternative to aspirin, green tea contains caffeine and bitter orange/citrus aurantium are alternates to ephedra. According to the websites I found that this product is featured on, they interact the same way as pure ECA. Obviously bitter orange won't be as strong (if you've ever taken ephedrine, you'll know why it's banned...it actually gets you high!). Guarana increases energy levels

Morning weight: 93.9kg

  • 0828: 1 microlut (progestegen only contraceptive pill), 1 Ostelin+caltrate (vitamin D and calcium supplement), 1 BIOGLAN ECA pill [start 600ml water bottle]
  • 0900: 2 eggs
  • 1200: 1 BIOGLAN ECA pill, 1 Subway wrap (teriyaki chicken, salad, cheese, ranch/southwest dressing)
  • 1515: 1 BIOGLAN ECA pill,[start 600ml water bottle]
  • 1630: [start 600ml water bottle]
  • 1830: 1 BIOGLAN ECA pill, 1 Microlut, 1 Ostelin+caltrate 
  • 1930: 250g turkey, pasta 
  • 2130: 1 bar chocolate
Results: I took one the night before to see how I fared with the possible side effects. I reported none, except slight nausea after I ate. This proved to be a coincidence later. The morning started off well. I got up without a hitch, which is interesting because I normally stay in bed for an hour before getting up...

I took all my pills and had some water, and made my breakfast. I found myself not really craving it.

At around 10 30, I started to get hungry again but I didn't crave any foods. I couldn't think of a food that I wanted to eat. It was already suppressing my appetite!

At lunch time, I got a wrap because I couldn't afford anything else (I blew all my money on this supplement, and hair extensions!), but I would have gotten nothing more, anyway. I had Diet Coke, which still hits the spot even when I'm not craving anything...

By 19 30, I was really hungry, but I normally have a LOT of fruit. J made plain turkey and pasta, and I had heaps of turkey (hungry and didn't want to eat heaps of carbs...). When he bought chocolate later, I didn't say no and I have no excuse.

Overall, it worked I think. I'm hoping it will work better as the days go by, and give me more energy to exercise, too.

 - Alice