14 November 2010

Faux ECA Day 6 (Saturday)

Starting weight: unknown

0630: 1 ECA
0700: 6 inch Subway sub (Italian herbs and cheese roll, teriyaki chicken, ranch dressing, lettuce, carrot, red onion, tasty cheese)
1830: 1 ECA
1900: 1 chicken drumstick, 1 cup cooked rice, 3 pieces roast garlic, 1 slice bread (*PURGED)
2000-2100: cheese + crackers (about four small crackers)
2200: 1 small piece cheesecake

Considering I'm used to binging whenever I'm in the vicinity of my parents, I did pretty well. Anybody seeing a connection here? These herbs seem to be making me more capable of saying, 'No.'

I put up a show with the cheesecake. That wasn't a binge. That was a ploy so when I'm 45kg and they say, 'This is where it started,' I can remind them that I eat cheesecake!

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