11 November 2010

Faux ECA Day 2

Morning weight: 92.7kg

  • 1030: 1 BIOGLAN ECA pill, 1 microlut pill, 1 Ostelin+Caltrate pill
  • 1100: 1 wholemeal sandwich with 2 eggs, cheese, spinach and mayonnaise
  • 1300: 1 BIOGLAN ECA pill
  • 1530: instant noodles with cheese, egg and vegemite
  • 1630: 4 Home Brand cookies
  • 1830: 1 BIOGLAN ECA pill, 1 Ostelin+Caltrate pill
  • 1930: 1 mini homemade vege pizza (6 inches wide), egg
I don't really like my total caloric intake, but I like the amount that I ate. I feel as though I didn't overeat once. The cookies were a lapse, and at almost 100 calories each, I paid dearly for it.

This evening I cycled and did push ups, and only managed 100 calories (I did one song and 90 push ups). But my energy levels have definitely been higher today. It's almost 2am and I don't feel that tired...

I was only hungry just before my meals and I didn't feel any sort of discomfort (due to fullness) after any of my meals, except my last one, which I ate enough to feel that I'd eaten (like there was actual food in my stomach).

I should report that I felt really nauseous this afternoon for a few hours. My upper abs felt almost bruised, and then my stomach started to hurt. I can't find my Nexium (acid reflux pills) so it could just be acid reflux, but I guess we'll see when I find my Nexium/buy some more....

Anyway, fingers crossed today's weight loss wasn't water weight which I put on today! Cross your fingers that I'm <91kg tomorrow...

 - Alice

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