24 November 2010


The Bioglan ECA stack was surprisingly easy to find. However, it neglected to state the fact that it is not, in fact, ECA stack, but a combination of herbal alternatives to ephedrine and caffeine (white willow bark and guarana), and aspirin (which, for some reason, people have no problem with, despite it's prevalence of causing headaches).

If you're looking for the real ECA stack, don't buy this product. I ate very little on this supplement, and lost 2.5kg in the 16 days I took it for.

When I starve without the aid of Bioglan ECA stack, I normally get massive headaches and migraines. While I'm getting nauseous sometimes, a little Diet Coke or water is enough to curb the nausea, and the hunger too, and I haven't had one headache since I started this supplement.

I reported more energy, I'm sleeping less than usual on this supplement, and yet I'm not consuming nearly as much food, and I can exercise even after a long day.

I give Bioglan ECA stack a 6/10, because it curbs all the side effects of starving, gives more energy, but it's not very clear on what exactly is in the product, and it also pretends to be another product all together.

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