13 November 2010

Faux ECA Day 3

Starting weight: 93.9 (*period)


0800: 1 ECA, 1 Microlut, 3 Coloxyl (laxatives, 1 dose), 1 Ostelin Caltrate
1100: Aeroplane Jellylite (1/2 package), 1 ECA pill
1500: 1 tin John West tuna, 1 ECA pill
1900: 1 large chicken Caesar wrap meal (McDonald's) [purged]
2000: 1 small handful potato chips, 1 handful lollies [purged]
2100: 1 ECA pill

Like, I didn't mean to purge. As far as I wanted, I wanted nothing past the tuna. My dad literally bought me the McDonald's before I even noticed him. I have no excuse for the chips and lollies, except that I'm on my period, I was starving and I was offered.

In my defense, I normally eat twice the total and I don't purge. The ECA made me nauseous when I ate too much (ie a large McDonald's meal) and I learned my lesson.

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