10 November 2010

Faux ECA Day 1

Supplement: BIOGLAN ECA Stack weight loss formula
  • Garcinia guaesita (brindleberry) extract equivalent dry fruit 1.2g
  • Paullinia cupana (guarana) extract equivalent dry seed 572mg
  • Citrus aurantium (bitter orange) extract exquivalent dry fruit 5g
  • Camellia sinensis (green tea) extract equivalent dry leaf (600mg)
  • Salix alba (white willow) extract equivalent dry stem bark (6.2g)
  • Maethylcellulose (fibre) (100mg)
  • Chromium (as pucolinate)
White willow is an alternative to aspirin, green tea contains caffeine and bitter orange/citrus aurantium are alternates to ephedra. According to the websites I found that this product is featured on, they interact the same way as pure ECA. Obviously bitter orange won't be as strong (if you've ever taken ephedrine, you'll know why it's banned...it actually gets you high!). Guarana increases energy levels

Morning weight: 93.9kg

  • 0828: 1 microlut (progestegen only contraceptive pill), 1 Ostelin+caltrate (vitamin D and calcium supplement), 1 BIOGLAN ECA pill [start 600ml water bottle]
  • 0900: 2 eggs
  • 1200: 1 BIOGLAN ECA pill, 1 Subway wrap (teriyaki chicken, salad, cheese, ranch/southwest dressing)
  • 1515: 1 BIOGLAN ECA pill,[start 600ml water bottle]
  • 1630: [start 600ml water bottle]
  • 1830: 1 BIOGLAN ECA pill, 1 Microlut, 1 Ostelin+caltrate 
  • 1930: 250g turkey, pasta 
  • 2130: 1 bar chocolate
Results: I took one the night before to see how I fared with the possible side effects. I reported none, except slight nausea after I ate. This proved to be a coincidence later. The morning started off well. I got up without a hitch, which is interesting because I normally stay in bed for an hour before getting up...

I took all my pills and had some water, and made my breakfast. I found myself not really craving it.

At around 10 30, I started to get hungry again but I didn't crave any foods. I couldn't think of a food that I wanted to eat. It was already suppressing my appetite!

At lunch time, I got a wrap because I couldn't afford anything else (I blew all my money on this supplement, and hair extensions!), but I would have gotten nothing more, anyway. I had Diet Coke, which still hits the spot even when I'm not craving anything...

By 19 30, I was really hungry, but I normally have a LOT of fruit. J made plain turkey and pasta, and I had heaps of turkey (hungry and didn't want to eat heaps of carbs...). When he bought chocolate later, I didn't say no and I have no excuse.

Overall, it worked I think. I'm hoping it will work better as the days go by, and give me more energy to exercise, too.

 - Alice

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