14 November 2010

Intro Post :)

I realise I never introduced the purpose of this blog, who I am, or anything. So here it is!

This is a diet pill review blog. Every 28 days, I will review another diet pill. This started because of a 'race' I started with my friend AMM. We realised we were getting our diet pills around the same time, so I proposed a race: take the pills as directed. No overexercising, no starving (overexercising means way more than usual; starving means way less than usual).

So we did. She's 25kg lighter than me so I have the advantage, but I have high hopes for her... And me :)

Now, who am I? I am Alice. 19, engaged to a lovely tattoo apprentice. Just finished Yr 11 at an adult college. Going to uni to become an archaeologist.

I've got an eating disorder. I do not suffer, I've had it under control for more than six months. This simply means that I have kept the mindset, but changed my body and lifestyle. I want to be tiny, bony, but healthy and eating. I don't want to die, I just want to be beautiful.

My body mass index is 33. This happened because of my contraceptive pill. I'd be so hungry I'd feel sick every single hour, so I ballooned from 57kg to 96kg over a two year period.

When I realised I was 4kg away from triple digits, I had a panic attack. I stopped taking my pill, purged every meal until J, the fiancee, found out and helped me. He convinced me that I could lose weight the healthy way.

I detoxed 4kg away. Now I diet. I try to have between 500 and 1200 calories a day, but it wasn't working. So I'm trying out which diet pills will help my metabolism.

Any questions?

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