17 November 2010

Faux ECA Day 9 (Tuesday)

Starting weight: unknown

0900: 1 ECA, 1 microlut, 1 Ostelin+Caltrate
1100: 1 footlong Subway sub (teriyaki chicken, cheese, salad, ranch dressing, avocado), 1 ECA
1500: 1 Subway wrap, same as before,
1800: 3x3 jelly slice
1900: 3x3 jelly slice
2200: 1 roll (egg, lettuce, red onion, mayo), 1 ECA

Wow, today was so bad. Was I sabotaging my happiness (I passed my last exam today)? I don't know. But god, please don't let it happen again. I went to bed with a migraine.

Tomorrow, I'm eating only JellyLite and Diet Coke, and if I eat any more, I'm confessing my dress size :)

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