15 November 2010

Faux ECA Day 8 (Monday)

Starting Weight: unknown


0700: 1/4 corn rice cracker
0830: 1 ECA, 1 Ostelin+Caltrate, 1 Microlut, 2 Coloxyl. 1/4 corn rice cracekr
1230: 1 ham, cheese, lettuce sandwich, 1/2 bag frogs, 1 mueseli bar [*purged]
1530: 1 Freddo Frog
1830: 1 ECA, 1 Ostelin+Caltrate, 1 Microlut, 2 Coloxyl. 1 Caesar salad with 2 eggs
2200: 4 corn rice crackers with cottage cheese

I spent the day in the hospital. I'm honestly surprised I didn't binge the whole day, and I left it at 1230 and 1530's food (the Freddo was because my 4 year old brother wouldn't stop nagging until I had one, but admittedly I loved it).

I did exercise, too. I'm a bit ashamed, but I made it a rule that whenever I went to the toilet (these giant disabled toilets), I had to do 30 sit ups and 10 push ups. I did 9 sit ups and 30 push ups :)

I consumed only 2L of water today, but also 2L of Diet Coke.

Weigh in tomorrow. Sorry for being unable to do it, I've had some bad luck (being at mum's house without a scale is a good excuse, right?)

 - Alice

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