22 November 2010

Faux ECA Days 12-14

Sorry for not writing, I had a busy weekend.

Um, I've had a strange experience... My disorder has altered itself once again. I don't know if it's me or these drugs, but I'm very conscious of calories. Once, 1000 calories a day was a lot, now 200 is a lot. Anyway, keep that in mind when I recount this weekend.

DAY 13:
Starting weight: 91.3
Intake: 2 ECA morning, 2 night. Normall pills. 1/2 Milo bar, about a handful chips total, 4 slices of pizza total.

Results: I'm sorry about the lack of structure. All snacks were between 3pm and 8pm, Pizza was between 8 and 9pm.

Ghost hunting gives me the munchies. Those energies make me starving. I'm not kidding, we spent 13 hours in the Geelong Gaol collating evidence, walking between cells and certain areas, and I had to force myself to stop at 6 pieces. I was starving the rest of the night. Crazy.

Day 13:
Starting weight: 92.8

3pm: 2 ECA, 2 classic Sudofed, normal pills
9pm: 1/2 box jellylite
11pm: 1 sandwich with grain bread, chicken, lettuce, mayonnaise

Results: I'd say I did really well. The Sudofed makes me really high, but it also makes me less hungry.


Classic Sudofed contains ephedrine. This may account for my dramatic weight loss overnight, seeing as my faux ECA has caffeine and herbal aspirin in it.

You'll have to wait!


I'm missing a day, but I'm not sure how. I don't remember having pizza before I went out for dinner, so I'm assuming that's Thursday, then the next day is pizza again, the ghost hunt, the next day is Sunday, and here is today (Monday).

Sorry. I'm so spaced right now. But I'd remember if I ate more than jelly, so don't worry, guys.

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